Junior Walking Knot by Pavel

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Effect:  Pavel has done it again, and worked out  a super comedy sequence using ropes. Two effects in one. Here’s what the audience sees.

This close-up version of Pavel’s old stage item uses six feel of rope only. The effect can be performed anywhere and close-up near to the audience. It ‘s also self-contained. Magician displays a length of rope and cuts it two, one short and one long piece (some 14 inches and 64 inches).

The two pieces are tied together.  Now the magician seizes the knot and moves it slowly from the upper end of rope towards its center. This being done, the magician unties the knot in the center of the rope, showing that the rope length is now cut at this position. The effect is immediately repeated. The two pieces of rope are tied together once again. The knot is now moved towards the lower end of the rope and is untied there! Finally, the rope is retied and then magically restored. The knot has visibly dissolved, the rope being shown as a continuous length.

Right away the performer can go into Pavel’s KRAZV KNOT routine. It’s a super gag item. The performer ties a knot in the center of a length of rope. He then ties another knot above the first one. then another, then another. He continues knotting until a large bundle of 7 – 10 knots is formed in the center of the rope until its entire length is practically used up.

Holding the ends of the rope, one in each hand, the performer blows on it. What a surprise for the audience when they see the bunch of knots becoming separate, freeing from the rope and dropping onto the floor. Only a little piece of rope remains in the performer’s hands. It ‘s very funny!

We supply you with a specially gimmicked length of thick rope, nicely bound ends and complete with both routines.

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