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Silver Odyssey III (with custom case) by Collectors’ Workshop

(c. 1994,2019)

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1 review for Silver Odyssey III (with custom case) by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    In 1994, Rich Block and Nick Ruggiero released one of the most prized creations in the Collectors’ Workshop stable: Silver Odyssey II.  It was a real beauty to behold.  Now Twenty-Five years later George Robinson has created Silver Odyssey III and it looks and works perfectly. 

    Internally it does not look quite as stunning – gone are all the gleaming brass and copper components – but noone but the performer ever saw this anyway and it now it works perfectly and more reliably than ever before.  Like the previous versions it does not come with any way to vanish the coins (?).  My suggestions would be to use one of these devices:

    If you have ever dreamed of performing this effect then I suggest you contact George – he has already sold out twice this year and I don’t know how many more runs he will be making.  It is most certainly the perfect Coins To Glass effect.

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