Nexus by Collectors’ Workshop

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Product Description

Another great close-up item from Collectors’ Workshop.

Approx. Price: $395.00 (06/2009) ***

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1 review for Nexus by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Guerra

    Another classic CW seldom seen for sale

    This item is quite an interesting piece of magic and the demo on the CW Video Catalogue was somewhat misleading in the presentation. You present an elegant clear, plastic chest with brass framing and hardware. Clearly visible inside is your favorite deck of cards, a small handkerchief, and some coins. You bring out everything and decide to do a coin trick, instead of card magic.

    The deck is put aside, the coins vanished, and the chest covered with the handkerchief. Now, the magic begins. With your hands clearly empty, coins are heard clinking loudly inside the covered chest at a mysterious pace, one by one. The handkerchief is whisked away and inside the closed chest are the vanished coins.

    This is a wild piece of magic. Diabolical and daring in method like the one found in Friends, but with more a similarity to Copenetro. What was misleading in the demo on the CW Video Catalogue was the absence of the deck of playing cards which is essential…there, that is all the secret I am revealing. It made me smile when I learned it as I had no idea on reading the catalogue description.

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