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Book of Spells by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: It is a closeup case. The Book of Spells, however, is meant for the performer who sees magic as an art; who, like the great performers of our tradition, is intent on weaving a spell through the combination of one’s craftsmanship complemented by apparatus that is impeccably conceived and incomparably executed. The leather-bound Book of Spells measures approximately 11 x 15 inches and stands some 4 inches deep. It has ample room for all the accouterments of a full evening’s presentation.

The rich, leather-bound cover is decorated with gold foil stampings of extraordinary reproductions of centuries old renderings. And, for those who choose to use the book itself as a stage, the cover reverses to display a closeup pad of the highest caliber. A servante, meticulously cut into the side of the book serves to grant access to the book during performance or deliver an object from inside.

Thus far, the book is unusually serviceable. But we wished it to be magical as well. Thus, on command, the cover will rise, slowly and mysteriously, to permit access to the book, then quietly close. The powerful, ultra-silent motors are concealed near the binding portion of the book so that the rising mechanism is virtually undetectable to even close observers.

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Approx. Price: $850.00 (2016) ***

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