Rainbow Silk Dye by Jim Rainho, Simplex Magic

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Magician shows a long tube which he allows to unroll exposing the inside, which is a clear plastic tube. It can be shown from all angles. The outside cover is rolled up around the tube and a white silk inserted into tube. Magician picks up a small glass of red liquid and drinks it, then places tube to his lips and blows into it and out flutters a red silk from other end of tube. The cover is immediately unrolled to show the empty tube. This is repeated to change two more white silks to yellow and to blue. A fourth white silk is inserted and magician drinks the last drops of all the three colored liquids and blows out a multi-colored silk.

This version features a jam-proof gimmick. Comes complete with all silks, transparent tube with outside cover, three glasses, tubes of food coloring, and a beautiful stand-tray to hold the glasses.

It’s a big trick – good for adults and children. BEAUTIFUL MAGIC!

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2000) ***

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