Rainbow Silk Dye by Jim Rainho, Simplex Magic

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You show a tube and unroll the outer cover to expose the transparent interior. The cover is rolled back over the tube and a white silk hanky inserted into the tube. You pick up a glass of RED liquid and drink half of the contents. You blow into the tube and out flutters a RED silk hanky. The cover on the tube is unrolled to show the tube empty. You then insert another white hanky and drink YELLOW liquid. A YELLOW silk is blown out of the tube. This is repeated with GREEN liquid. For the finale you insert a fourth white silk into the tube and drink the remainder of the three drinks. You blow into the tube and out flutters a tri-colored hanky.

The tube again is shown absolutely empty. Everything is self contained. No mirrors or secret compartments in the tube. Comes complete with all silk hankies, gimmick and three glasses and a small tray for the glasses.

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