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20th Century Silk by Viking Mfg.

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The 20th Century Silk was invented and first performed c. 1893 by David Devant and explained in Hoffmann’s Later Magic c. 1904 as Devant’s Handkerchief Trick:

This is a trick of three distinct stages; consisting of, first, the production of three white handkerchiefs in succession; next, changing their colour to red, green and yellow respectively, and lastly, after knotting two of them together and placing them in a glass lamp-chimney, causing the third to vanish from a second lamp-chimney and be found securely tied between the two others.

Not surprisingly over time the effect has been stripped down just to the third phase.

Effect: This classic has stood the test of time. The performer ties two 18″ silk hanks together and places them in full view within a tall clear glass. A third silk of a different color is caused to vanish, only to reappear TIED between the two hanks isolated within the glass! This is almost as easy as drinking water. Great visual magic, complete, ready to work.

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