Fountain of Silks and Candle Production by Jim Rainho, Simplex Magic

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Effect: You display several white silk hankies that may be produced or used in a previous effect. The hankies are gathered up and spot of color appears which grows into a full hanky. From these folds another color appears and so on until twelve colored hankies are produced. THEN from the center a a tall LIT CANDLE appears. THIS IS A FANTASTIC EFFECT THAT ALWAYS EVOKES APPLAUSE.

The candle is 8″ tall and about 2″ in diameter and feature Simplex Magic’s Omega Candle firing System. Uses 2 AA Alkaline Energizer Batteries and Lighter Fluid (not included)- Complete with Silk Fountain with 12 silks and Candle. Self contained. No extra steal necessary.

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Approx. Price: $100.00 (2000) ***

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