Okito Fu Manchu Finger Chopper by Limited Edition Magic

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Effect: Sometimes referred to as a “hand” chopper, I’m using the title given by Dr. Albo in his Classic Magic Series. And since Bill King included one of these in his famous collection of finger choppers, I think it’s accurate. This is a chopper that works like no other. Consider this presentation.

Performer displays a tall thin decorative cabinet with one round hole above and one below a narrower opening in the center. He lifts the ornate wooden handle to remove a gleaming metal blade attached to a wooden stock which is clearly demonstrated to be solid. Items (pretzels work great!) may be placed into the top and center openings of the cabinet. The blade stock is placed back in position and when pushed down, cuts the items easily. The blade is once again removed.

A spectator is now asked to place their four fingers into the opening in the center of the cabinet. Their hand easily fills the entire space. The blade is again placed in position and pushed down to just above the fingers wiggling helplessly below. The performer tells the audience to watch the blade as he pushes down. Amazingly, the solid metal blade is seen to visibly pass through the spectator’s fingers! The illusion of the gleaming blade visibly slicing through the hand is perfect!

To add to the mystery, the blade may be passed up and down slowly several times, apparently passing through the hand each time. Finally, the blade stock is removed and the spectator’s fingers are all intact.

If you love ingeniously designed magic apparatus, this is a must. It’s truly a mechanical masterpiece. So much happens within the confines of the thin cabinet that construction was a challenge … but the result is a chopper that works as good, if not better, than the original.

Beautifully made and decorated in the Okito style by the same master craftsman who supplied many pieces of apparatus for Dr. Albo’s classic series of books/videos. The chopper stands app. 19″ tall x 6″ wide and the cabinet amazingly only 1.5″ deep. The precision work necessary to create this piece was extremely labor intensive. For that reason, only (6) of these Choppers were made. There might be a second and final production run of another (6), but that will be it. If you collect clever apparatus, finger choppers and/or Okito, then this is one to consider.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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