Arm Amputator Deluxe (French Arm Chopper) by B.C. Magic Mfg. Co.

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One of the most copied effects in magic, U. F. Grant invented the French Arm Chopper.

This is one of the best quality versions of Grant’s amazing effect I have seen. Created by B.C. Magic Mfg. Co. – a quality magic manufacturing company started c. 1977 by Dr. Armand Brodeur and Mr. Robert Chaney.  They began by leasing some space from the original Rings ‘n’ Things on Helen Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri and Mike Brazill endorsed their work.  They were a wholly separate company from Rings ‘n’ Things but Mike helped them by obtaining distribution for them through the RNT network.  From what I can tell they only lasted a few years and closed down c. 1980 when Mike first closed the RNT doors.


  • Wrist Holes are big enough for anyone.
  • Double lacquered.
  • Blade polished aluminum with their own epoxy finish, baked at 440 degrees,
  • Rabbited blade frame with two-inch steel screws or wooden dowels,
  • Double hole for safety,
  • Extremely short throw for better illusion.
  • Spring Loaded Release

This unit will give you years of use. 

Effect: Any spectator’s arm is placed in the chopper. A large SOLID BLADE is forced down thru the wrist. The spectator’s ACTUAL HAND (not a dummy) is seen to drop off and fall in the bag below!

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Approx. Price: $110.00 (2011) ***

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