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Multiplying Bottles by Reg Donnelly, Paul Romhany

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Effect: Introducing TWO of the most original and entertaining routines for the Multiplying Bottles by TWO completely different styles of performers. Reg Donnelly has been performing his version of the multiplying bottles for over 25 years and during that time has created an ending that takes this classic of magic to an entire new level. Paul Romhany performs his full evening show as Charlie Chaplin and created a very unique routine using the Donnelly Bottles. Both performers have honed their routines on cruise ships and theaters around the world and bring to the magic world one of the most comprehensive pieces of work on the Multiplying Bottles. This package includes a DVD with live performances by Donnelly and Romhany, each with their own different routines and an in-depth explanation by each performer explaining the nuances that make their routines work in the real world of professional magicians. You also get the Donnelly set of multiplying bottles, the first time these have been released to the magic community. Each bottle is hand painted by Donnelly himself to match the set he and Paul Romhany are using allowing you to perform this original kicker ending.

You will get a CD-ROM featuring the audio voice over used by Paul Romhany for his hilarious routine that is direct from his Chaplin Act. Paul Romhany has one of the most creative, endearing and original acts in magic. You know if he releases a routine from his Chaplin act then it’s got to be something VERY special. If you have ever wanted to perform the multiplying bottles but were waiting for something new and different, then THIS IS IT! If you already own a set of multiplying bottles then you WILL WANT TO change to these bottles and take your routine to a new level. Remember, not only are you purchasing the amazing Donnelly Bottles but you also get two very entertaining and very different professional routines on DVD. These bottles are being released in a limited edition so to avoid disappointment order yours today.

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Approx. Price: $495.00 (2009) ***

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1 review for Multiplying Bottles by Reg Donnelly, Paul Romhany

  1. Andy Martin

    Beautiful and Different Bottles

    Wow what a beautiful and unique set of multiplying bottles! These are amazing bottles and I’m glad I managed to track down a set. Reg Donnelly only makes a limited number each year, so grab them when you can.

    The set also comes a DVD featuring two different performances by Reg Donnelly and Paul Romhany and this makes it the perfect package. I still like my other Martini ones, but must say it is hard to beat these bad boys.

    Highly Recommended!

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