Multiplying Bottles (Pro Series V2) by Paul Romhany

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Details: This long awaited book includes many variations of the multiplying bottles including Paul Romhany’s classic Multiplying Bottle routine. This book comes from over twenty years of experience performing this classic effect.

Paul gives this classic effect new twists that will help enhance any act including sections on;

  • How to produce liquid from any set of bottles.
  • Various tables to use including a special table designed for Paul’s current act.
  • Step by step instructions, photos and diagrams (including: Paul’s gimmick table which will enable you to produce more bottles and/or other objects).
  • Many handling variations that you can add to your own multiplying bottle routine.
  • A section on different types of bottles.
  • A look at how to design tubes so they don’t look out of place.
  • How to make the glasses stand out on stage.
  • How to get the bottles off stage without them falling over.
  • Plus much, much more.

For anybody who performs, or wants to add the multiplying bottles to their act this book is the ultimate.

Contents (Partial contents, from first page of book ToC):

5 Introduction
7 History
9 Different Bottles
10 Colored Bottles
12 Bottle care
14 Carrying them offstage
15 Multiplying Bottle Tray
17 Labels
21 The Table
26 Tubes
27 Glasses
28 Alternative ideas
28 Using a real bottle
29 Mirror glass
30 Baby Bottle
30 Objects flying out of bottle
30 Growing Cork Gag
31 To Person Routine
31 Open Tube Routine
34 Finale (Joe Lefler)

—Missing rest to page 69—

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