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Multiplying Bottles by Harries

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The Multiplying Bottles was created in Chicago by Arthur P. Felsman in the 1920’s (see here for more details.).  Ken Brooke c. 1950 created one of the most popular and enduring routines which was packaged and sold with Harry Stanley’s nine bottle set around the same time.  For decades these were the bottles to get.  And even today Ken’s routine is still the standard.

These bottles are from the long running Swedish Dealer and Manufacturer (founded in 1920) and are almost as nice as the ones produced by Magicus here. They feature the liquid compartment feature where the glass fills up with wine at the end and the Harries routine is as good if not better than the Ken Brooke routine, so a great purchase all around.

Effect: A Glass and a Bottle under different covers repeatedly change places. A bottle magically jumps from one tube to the other, then back! The performer and audience never seem to know where it is. Then a second bottle appears, then a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and finally the ninth appears! There are bottles everywhere!

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Approx. Price: $395.00 (2007) ***

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1 review for Multiplying Bottles by Harries

  1. Andy Martin

    The Best Bottles around today!

    The Multiplying Bottles is one of those routines that magicians think is obvious, but to lay people it seems amazing and plays very well. I had a set of Multiplying Bottles a few years ago and they were wonderful. Unfortunately, they were almost impossible to find, and many people contacted me for information. These new bottles from the established Swedish frim, Harries are probably as good as my old set and certainly represent the best bottles I have see available today.

    They look and feel amazing! The routine that comes with them is also probably better than the fabled Ken Brooke routine and you don’t have to try and hunt down his classic booklet – which seems increasingly hard to find anyway. These bottles also have the liquid compartment feature where the glass fills up with wine at the end.

    This is the time to try this classic, and with these bottles you cannot go wrong!

    Highly Recommended!

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