Kovari Chinese Sticks by Kovari Magic

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Effect: These are Chinese Sticks made with the professional in mind! Made by Kovari, they are top quality that will last you a lifetime and will never let you down.

The weights are solid brass, precision-made cylinder type, each weight fitted with a brass pulley. It is impossible for the cord to twist, stick or jam. The weights are mounted in a drawn plastic tube, to make the working perfectly SILENT and perfectly SMOOTH … The entire heart of the job is then mounted in plastic bamboo … the cords are nylon and end in a large tassel on one end and a “bone” ring on the other. One side of each Bamboo Stick has been flattened out, to make sure they rest neatly next to each other, and they can be held in one hand.

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Approx. Price: $159.00 (2009) ***

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