Okito-Nielsen Chinese Sticks by Nielsen Magic

These have to be the prettiest and smoothest action Chinese Sticks I have seen.  Here is why:

  • They measure 12” long. This length allows the performer to put them in his jacket pocket, making the trick more practical to carry around. 
  • What makes these sticks special and superior to many models, is that both the tubing and the weights are made out of brass. Brass has a lower coefficient of friction, and it is heavier than other metals.
  • Each stick contains a hollow screw on the back that allows you to attach a dummy string and seemingly connect two sticks together. In his routine, Roy Benson “exposes” the connection in the back of the sticks, and to prove that they can be disconnected, he asks an audience member to take a pair of scissors and cut the string.
  • A third stick is included with this set. Benson was the first one to add this third stick to his routine. In the past, in order to make a “Benson set”, one had to purchase two sets of sticks to obtain a third one. This third stick allows you to add a “climax” to the basic presentation of the Chinese Sticks, as well as a comedic interlude. This set of Okito-Nielsen Chinese Sticks allows you to perform the Benson Routine.
  • The weights are beautifully engineered. The strings ride on small pulleys at the end of the weights

Approx. Price: $350.00 (02/2018) ***

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