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Candy Cane by Kovari Magic, Ali Bongo

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This wonderful effect was invented by the amazing Ali Bongo.

Effect: A white cane is placed into a long clear plastic container. When the two halves of the container are pulled apart,the cane instantly changes into a ton of small candies!! You get an attractively decorated, precision engineered gimmicked tube and Ali Bongo’s routine and instructions. Candy Cane is a unique versatile prop which will find its way into every magician’s show! Great for kids’ shows; perfect for adults.

Includes Fantasio vanishing cane!

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Approx. Price: $80.00 (2000) ***

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1 review for Candy Cane by Kovari Magic, Ali Bongo

  1. Andy Martin

    Fun and Startling Kids Trick

    Great kids trick with entertaining patter outline by Ali Bongo. In the end the Candy Cane visibly dissappears and it its place is a tube full of candy.

    Very startling and of course the kids love anything when candy is produced!

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