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Khartoum Ring Fantasy II by Collectors’ Workshop

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There were two versions of this beautiful effect created by Collectors’ Workshop. The first one c. 1988 had a wooden base and used a purely mechanical clockwork timer and this version (Version II) was made completely of brass and used a small push button remote to effect the change. The actual mechanics remained the same, but the second version was a littler easier to use because you did not have concern yourself with the timing.

Effect: Think back. Somewhere in your childhood, you saw an effect so dazzling, so fully stunning, that you knew that, come what may, you would someday possess it. It should come as no surprise that our goal at Collectors’ Workshop is to create as many of those type of effects as we can. This is one of those.

Resting on the table is an elegant, but manifestly simple piece of apparatus. It is a gleaming golden hoop mounted on a polished pedestal. Hanging from the ring is a small loop of red satin ribbon. Performer borrows any ring from an audience member and, placing it within the folds of a handkerchief, hands the spectator the wrapped ring. Then, with a snap of the fingers and a subtle incantation, the performer instructs the spectator to open the handkerchief. The ring has vanished.

Speaking not at all, but merely directing his eyes, the performer shifts the audience’s attention to the velvet ribbon suspended from the golden ring. Then, with all eyes focused on the ribbon, the performer whispers a scarcely-heard command. Instantly, visibly, the borrowed ring reappears on the silk ribbon.

There are a few things you ought to know about this remarkable piece of apparatus.

  • It is the spectator’s ring.
  • The ring is on the ribbon.
  • The ribbon must be untied to return it.
  • This is a one-person effect – no assistants.

This apparatus has been fashioned with the exquisite craftsmanship you have come to expect from Collectors’ Workshop. The principle is entirely unique; it has never before been utilized in the history of magic: No reels, pulls, threads or sleight of hand.

It is a tribute to the genius of our chief illusion builder, John Good, and to the craftspeople on staff at Collectors Workshop.

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Approx. Price: $745.00 (2002) ***

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2 reviews for Khartoum Ring Fantasy II by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    As if by Magic the Ring appears!

    Well I’ve been complaining for a while now that there is no good, cool magic out there to buy. What a load of horse that is!

    I did not realize how much good magic I was missing by over looking a few key Collector’s Workshop effects. Just in the last few weeks I’ve picked up: Creation, Billet Box, Samurai Sword, Can of Corn, and Zodiac to name a few. These are all wonderful effects, that if you don’t own you should check them out at: Collector’s Workshop

    This little beauty is another real winner. Easy to do, remote control, visual, and very perplexing.

    A ring is borrowed and vanished and without you touching the ribbon it suddenly and visibly appears tied to the ribbon!

    Sometimes when I buy expensive props they just don’t work as well as you would expect, but this marvel has worked everytime so far and really didn’t take any getting used to. I only wish all high-end props were this simple and error free! A wonderful prop, and highly recommended!

  2. George Guerra

    A true favorite of the CW line

    My review is for the original version which is completely mechanical in that the release is through a clock spring motor so timing is critical but easily manageable and the base is beautiful furniture finished solid walnut rather than brass as in the new version. Otherwise the workings are the same. The effect is startling and dramatic. The ring that appears in the ribbon is the actual spectator’s ring; there is no switching. Very clever item from the devious minds at CW.

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