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Samurai (2002) by Collectors’ Workshop

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One of the best from Rich Bloch and Nick Ruggiero. The mystery of the Orient and the intrigue of a wedding ring combine to produce a delicate, dazzling effect.

Effect: “Legend has it that the family of a fallen warrior of a little known Asian tribe would receive a replica of his sword. Mounted in a fixture such as this, it was kept in a prominent place in the family home. For the most part, the display would be cloaked in a protective cloth. (Performer places a silken bag over the display.) On ceremonial occasions, the bag would be removed, and as a gesture of continuing homage, loved ones would remove their rings and place them on the sword. Recently discovered writings suggest that, from time to time, examples of psychokinetic’s would be observed. It’s my intention to attempt such an experiment.”

Inviting the spectators to examine the silken bag, the performer covers the sword with it. A borrowed ring, proffered by a willing spectator, vanishes. “Concentrate”, says the performer, “Choose the moment. Make it happen on your command. Say ‘Now’.”

Then as the spectator says ‘Now’, the unmistakable ping of metal on metal is heard. The ring has arrived.

Immediately, the performer pulls the bag from the sword, and there, resting on the sword, which is itself locked in the holder, is the ring!

There is no way to describe the effect this has on an audience. It is pure magic, spell-binding and entertaining. The props are first rate; the effect, simple in execution. If you’ve never seen this live, you’re in for a treat, and so is your audience. I can honestly say, this effect is worth twice the asking price. A guaranteed winner.

Prop measures: 12 1/2″W x 5 1/2″H x 4″ D; brass rods are 10 1/2″ tall. Overall measurement is 12 1/2″ x 4″ x 12″.

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Approx. Price: $145.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for Samurai (2002) by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    I love it when I buy the same effect again!

    When you sell too many items you run the risk of selling some of your pet effects. This was one of those.

    I have always liked this effect and think that it is incredibly great value too. One thing that I was very pleased to see is that this newly produced version by George Robinson is even better than my original Collector’s Workshop version. In fact, so far what I have seen George produce has always been as good and in most cases better than the original CW versions. Keep it up George!

    This particuar effect is not only very cool to look at it is a truly wonderful effect. Another one on my highly recommended list, which is why I bought it twice!

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