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Flower Pan 777 by Tora Magic Company

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Effect: This is not your Grandfather’s Morrissey Magic dove pan! You start by showing a pan full of candy, this changes to a dove or other production, then you place a bunny or something else to vanish in the pan and that disappears and is replaced by a pan full of flowers. A large load capacity and you can quickly tailor this to your routine. Very fine quality.

You will notice some key differences in this beautiful dove pan to every other dove pan you may own or have seen. First, it’s attractive base allows it to sit on the table higher up, which makes it more visible and keeps the pan off the table top, which makes the trick far more deceptive.

In this particular model, you also can perform TWO changes. 

For example, you can begin by placing production items or silks or beads in the pan, place the lid on top, and change it into a real dove! Then, you can place another object inside — perhaps a rabbit — and when you place the lid on top and remove, you change into a bouquet of flowers.

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Approx. Price: $350.00 (2017) ***

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