Flaming Dove Pan by Morrissey Magic

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Effect: The most exciting change to the world famous dove pan trick in years!! We at Morrissey Magic have taken our dove pan and combined it with the superb electronics of our world famous 21st century fire bowl.

Imagine this; pick up the pan and without any use of matches or flame you wave your hand over the pan. Suddenly the pan bursts into flames! You take the cover, place it over the pan to put out the fire, and upon lifting the cover there is your production – two live doves!

Production is not limited to livestock. You can also use a cake, jelly beans, rubber chickens, spring flowers or anything else that will fit into the load chamber.

The production of flames is done at the touch of a button and is completely safe and sure. We think you will agree that there is nothing to compare with our flaming dove pan.

Dimensions: 8″ diameter, 6″ high. Manufactured in aluminum, satin finished, lacquered. Supplied with burner tip, batteries and operating instructions.

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Approx. Price: $80.00 (2001) ***

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