Chick Pan 5 inch x 2 by Viking Mfg.

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Dove pan’s come in all shapes and sizes and one of the earliest dealers selling them was Otto Maurer c. 1888. Until 1987 not much had changed in the basic construction and method of all dove pans. George Robinson had his dies made in Washington State and spun his own pans with a new design feature: the hidden edge dove pan – this is a special feature that conceals the edge of the load chamber when in the main pan. George sold these dies to Loftus International, who in turn sent them to India and shortly there after all Indian manufacturers copied the design without credit to the originator. Today, almost every pan that is produced, even those coming out of China, uses this feature without credit. But George Robinson was the first to use this feature.

Effect: Our classic design and low-profile pan makes this a real professional prop. Made of polished stainless steel, it will not warp or bend, nor will it ‘lock up’ like some of the aluminum models. Our Pans will last you a lifetime.

Basic Effect: A small metal chaffing dish is shown and various ingredients are placed inside. The contents are accidentally set ablaze and the lid hastily replaced to extinguish the flames. The performer makes thing right as he gestures toward the Pan and removing the lid, reveals a real live baby chick!

The Pan can be used to produce any number of items from silk hanks, candy, toys, to a real live animal.

Finest quality for professional use. Pan is 5″ in diameter.

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