Fire From Hands by El Duco’s Magic

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These are similar to the Fickle Fire units sold by Japanese pro magician and dealer Yutaka Kikuchi c. 1976.

Effect: You have a unit for each hand, load them up with lighter fluid and to use them you just open up the cover with thumb, turn flint wheel and your hand is full of fire. To extinguish the fire you just shake your hands and the covers close and cut off the oxygen to the fire and they go out almost instantly.

Be careful they can be quite dangerous if you over fill them. This is what happened to me one night in early 2001:

I remember one night I was playing with El Duco’s Fire From Hands, which seems like a great gimmick, but I loaded it down with way too much lighter fuel and very nearly burnt my magic room down. It was 1am, and everyone was asleep and I remember thinking, is this how it all ends?!

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