Jumping Watch by El Duco’s Magic

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Effect: Two ropes, one RED and one WHITE are displayed. They are TWO SOLID ROPES. A spectator checks them by pulling the ropes. No magnets or fasteners, no loose pieces or extra loops. Just two pieces of ropes! Now let the spectator tie the ends together so you get one WHITE and one RED big loop. Again the spectator pulls on the loops to check them. There are no openings in the ropes!

Ask the spectator to take off his wrist watch and lock it around one of the loops. He has free choice. Assume that he chooses the WHITE loop. Mind you, the knots are visible all the time. Now you take hold of the watch with your left hand and show that it is really linked to the WHITE loop. In the very next moment and without any hidden moves – THE WATCH IS LINKED TO THE R- E- D LOOP!!!

Yes, it seems impossible. You have to see it to believe it. Now, let the spectator check both the knots and the watch again. The audience will scream: “Once more!” Before they have finished the sentence THE WATCH IS BACK ON THE WHITE LOOP! Finally, the spectator himself unlock his watch from the loop. El Duco’s JUMPING WATCH is a real killer!

This is VISUAL magic at its best! You can perform it under all conditions – close-up or stage. You will get the two woven ropes in bright colours and a chrome plated steel ring if you prefer to use a ring instead of a watch.

Complete with photo illustrated instructions.

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