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Plexi-Card by El Duco’s Magic

(c. 1992) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

In 1936 legendary British Inventor, Craftsman, and Dealer, Jack Hughes, invented what became known as the Television or TV Card Frame (or sometimes Television Glass Frame) where a chosen card appears trapped between two plates of glass set in a houlette.

Effect: This version from El Duco  is very compact and reliable via sound activation such as a silk or card pistol. On the table is a neat stand with two crystal clear Plexi glass plates. Take the unprepared plates, held together by rubber bands and after showing them to the audience replace them on the stand.

Now, let a spectator choose a card, then tear off a piece and give it to the spectator to hold for verification. You fold the rest of the card and put it into the barrel of your pistol. Aim at the Plexi glass plates with the pistol.The audience can see the card at the end of the barrel up to the very last moment. BANG! The card vanishes from the pistol and appears between the two plates! Yes, it’s there, and performed visually without cover! Take out the plates and give them to the spectator. With the help of the piece he has held he can verify that it is the same card!

A masterpiece of magic apparatus, built in metal and Plexi glass. Built to top mechanical and electronic standards by a master-craftsman.

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