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Color Changing Bottles by Alberto Sitta

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Alberto Sitta was an Italian amateur magician who specialized in silk magic – he wrote The Colorful Magic of Alberto Sitta c. 1987.

Italian style and quality all the way! What a wonderful outfit this is with beautifully crafted bottles and a very clean and simple routine.

Effect: Performer displays a Black bottle and pours a drink from this. He covers the bottle with a Cylinder shown clearly through as EMPTY. When the Cylinder is lifted away, the bottle has magically changed to a Vivid Red. This is repeated, with the bottle turning to Yellow! A drink is poured after each change. Great for kids as well as adults.

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2009) ***

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2 reviews for Color Changing Bottles by Alberto Sitta

  1. Andy Martin

    European Quality All The Way!

    What a wonderful outfit this is with beautifully crafted bottles and a very clean and simple routine. I have not seen anything like this quality for a while and am pleased to have them looking so nice in my collection.

    I can always rely on Ron Allesi to find me some great magic at a good price. Thanks Ron!

  2. Rick Morein

    Highly recommended!

    I bought this beautiful set many years ago from a private collector who showed it to me at the Annual Houdini Club of Wisconsin Convention, and it was made by Sitta, I believe.

    I sometimes use this trick in my platform show. The quality of the props is outstanding.

    It’s very colorful, very pretty and very mistifying, and unlike any other trick with bottles I have ever seen. The handling as detailed in the included instructions makes for a very unique and nice presentation and routine.

    These are very rare and very hard to find, as of today (May, 2009), I have no idea what these are worth, but considering their rarity and quality, if you can find a set, and can use it in your act, or just want to collect these color changing bottles, expect to pay somewhat of a premium.

    In the words of my friend, Dick Oslund, this is "Magic Jewelry!"

    If you can find a set (Good luck!)…..buy it!

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