Tiddly – Hi – Tie by Supreme Magic Company

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From c. 1959 Supreme claim they invented this effect. Swedish dealer, Harries, also claim they created it back in the 1940’s and given that Harries was founded in 1910 it is more likely that Harries created this, and then stopped production in the sixties as they claim, and then Supreme claimed it as their idea when they started producing it c. 1959.

The Supreme version is certainly not as elegant as the Harries version and uses cardboard for the boxes.

Effect: The effect is clean and easy to understand: The collar is freely displayed, then placed into an empty box. Next a bow tie is chosen from a tie box of five ties. The chosen tie vanishes from the tie box without a trace. When the collar Is removed from the box the chosen tie is attached to it!

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Approx. Price: $85.00 (2001) ***

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