Psy-Key-Spy by Simon Corneille

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Another superb mental routine from Canada’s Simon Corneille – PSY-KEY-SPY.

Effect: Display a small board with a total of eight hooks. Four of the hooks have different-colored keys hanging on them. The other four hooks are empty. Show a prediction envelope, which you set aside. Ask a spectator to remove any color key. There is no force of any kind. She is to remove the key and place it on an empty hook.

This is all done while your back is turned. There is no way you can see which color key ends up where. Nonetheless, when the prediction envelope is opened, your prediction exactly matches the color of the freely selected key! The diabolical new method allows the effect to be repeated over and over. It can be a different color key each time!

It’s a real fooler! Comes with the wooden key rack, keys and complete instructions.

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