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Acrobatic Silks by Tannen’s

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Acrobatic Silks was invented by Walter Smith and first marketed by U.F. Grant c. 1964. It is clearly derived from Monkey Bar, but is a very big leap in both effect and method that I believe it can easily be considered a new effect.

Effect: Hanging from a 14-inch pole are three 18-inch silks – two orange and a yellow. The performer claims that the yellow silk is an “Acrobat” and when the pole is placed behind the back the yellow silk jumps from one end of the pole to the other, and then back again. Up to this point, the audience suspects that the performer is simply turning the pole end for end behind his back. But wait! Now with a gesture of his hand the yellow silk VISIBLY, yes we said VISIBLY, changes places with the orange silk in the center!

Yes, everything can be handled for examination.

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  1. John Brangwin

    oldie goldie

    simple trick that is my opening trick for oldsters simple familiar but clever !!

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