Fire Box by Yutaka Kikuchi

(c. 1976) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Japanese pro magician and dealer Yutaka Kikuchi c. 1976 was the first person to use this type of fire box as part of his fire act.

Effect: Fire always has a mystifying and exciting appeal for an audience. Imagine: You show a beautiful box with ultra thin walls. The audience can see right through it and it’s empty. The next second you produce a 13″ silk from the box. You show it empty again only to produce another silk from the inside!

Then you push the silk through the two holes at each end of the box. The audience can see both ends of the silk all the time,and inside the box as well.

Suddenly big flames come out from the box as you pull the silk back and forth through the fire!!! When the fire stops you show the silk still undamaged inside the box.

The fire starts again and you repeat the effect, only to show the silk undamaged at the end. This is an effect the audience will long remember. It has two secret compartments – one for the silks and one for the fire. It’s easy to handle and easy to ignite thanks to a built in flint wheel.

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