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Patriotic Ropes by D. Robbins & Co., Supreme Magic Company

(c. 1954,1981) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Created by Perci and marketed by Supreme Magic Company c. 1954.

Effect: You show three different color ropes, a white rope, a red rope and a blue rope. The ropes are knotted together to make one long rope with two knots on it. You then coil the rope around your hand. When the rope is uncoiled the knots are seen to have vanished and the three short ropes are seen to have blended together into one long tricolor rope.

This is a classic trick that has been around for a while, but when performed with the right patter, it still evokes the same response as it always did. The tricolor rope measures around 4.5′ in length and is made of very high quality, bright colored, soft crocheted material.

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