Music Clowns by D. Robbins & Co.

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Effect: Three garishly-colored clowns each have a small klaxon in their hand. Only one of the three hooters is actually producing a noise. Because the clowns look identical, it is very hard for the (young) audience to tell which clown has the “working” horn. If you, to make it worse, then switch the clowns around for a few times, it will be virtually impossible for the kids to pinpoint the clown with the hooting horn. Each child will guess differently.

That this makes for some hilarious action, goes without saying. An interactive and amusing magical game, which will drive the kids crazy. Oh yes, at one time the kids seem to know how it is done, but as always, the conjurer has the last word … or should that be “hoot”?

Very colourful props. The clowns are 40cm (approx. 15,5in.) tall, which makes this trick ideal for presentations on a large stage, but they will play well in the next door kindergarten too! Children’s magic at it’s best.

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