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Lassen CSB with IES by Todd Lassen

Another great money item from Todd Lassen.

Approx. Price: $325.00 (06/2009) ***

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1 review for Lassen CSB with IES by Todd Lassen

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Guerra

    CSB with that new Lassen touch

    This is one amazing set of CSB coins, though, to Todd, it may have been a nightmare to make. This incorporates his "Infinity Edge System (IES)" and the results are remarkable. The gaff with the silver side up is absolutely indistinguishable with an ordinary silver coin. You can display it on the palm as long as you want as you start your routine and, even those in the know, will not think "gaffed".

    Reversing the gaff and un-nesting it, the first thing that now stands out as different from the traditional CSB sets is that there is absolutely no visible division in the rim of the C/S insert. It’s all non-silver (brass or copper, depending on the coin). This is the infinity edge at work that only a highly skilled machinist like Todd can do with perfection.

    Now, not everything is "perfect". One complaint that I have read in one forum is that the Chinese coin does have a silver rim, but I personally do not see this as a problem. First, this section of the routine is kept rather brief; second, there are two coins being displayed to divert some attention; and finally, with the coins overlapping towards the audience, the silver does pick up some color of the coin below as seen in the third image, so it is less obvious visually.

    Oh yes, Todd included with my set an expanded Chinese shell (these are his "Miracle Enjoyment" coins, BTW) to fit the CSB gaff nicely for a "Chinatown Half" effect (an idea of David Neighbors).

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