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Copper, Sliver, Brass Transposition by Joe Willingham

(c. 1992) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Joe Willingham used to demo for Daytona Magic I believe so this set could be from Daytona Magic.

Effect: Performer drops three coins on the table (An American half-dollar, English Penny, and a Chinese coin) while telling the spectators that he is going to use one copper, one brass, and one silver coin. He picks up all three coins. He takes the half-dollar out of his hand and places it in his pocket. He asks the spectators to tell him which coin he placed in his pocket. When they tell him it was the half-dollar, he takes the silver coin out of his pocket and tells them that they passed the first test.

The spectator then removes the brass and the copper coins from his right hand. When the performer asks the spectators which coins he removed, they tell him the brass and copper coins. The audience is amazed when he reveals that he has removed the half-dollar and the copper and brass coins are still in his right hand. The performer does this effect several time. Then he removes the brass coin, and places it in his pocket. After the audience guesses that only the silver and copper coin remain in his hand, he reveals that he holds the brass and copper coin and the half dollar (silver) coin was the one placed in his pocket.

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