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Supersized KFC Coins by Ted Bogusta, Meir Yedid

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Another wonderful coin set from Ted Bogusta – this really is a neat idea for a coin gimmick and you have to ask why you would bother with your old Copper-Silver-Brass gimmicks after seeing this. Meir Yedid was so taken with the original gimmick he came up with his own ideas too and between these two creative minds you have some really wonderful magic!

If you also make use of Kelvin Chow’s Quiver purse you have a real miracle on your hands!

Effect: The precision made KFC coin set will have you performing miracles in no time. A key ring and a half dollar magically switch under challenge conditions. The key ring will magically vanish from your hand to join a key in your pocket.

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2017) ***

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