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Millennium Wallet by Bob Swadling

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I love this wallet! This is the really high-end version of Stephen Tucker’s Visa Cabaret. This is foolproof and works by some sophisticated electronics that you would never suspect.

This was later remade by Mark Mason and Bob Swadling as the Know it All Wallet but using a very different method.  It was almost exactly the same wallet, same manufacturer, same size, same leather, same pockets etc, but it had some new features which some people prefer.

Effect: A wallet is handed to various members of the audience who are asked to remove business cards whilst the performer’s back is turned and to place them face down on to a table and cover them with their hands. The performer says “As you probably noticed, I have some money in my wallet. I’m going to give you the chance to win some money.” The performer places a note down beside each spectator’s choice. “If I don’t get this right, then you can keep the note”. The performer takes the note placed next to the 1st spectator’s choice and turns it over to show a coloured spot. The spectator turns over his card. MIRACULOUSLY THEY MATCH. The performer, in turn, reveals the coloured spot predictions on his notes and asks each spectator, in turn, to reveal their choice. THEY ALL MATCH.


  • 1 Genuine customized leather wallet, designed by Robert Swadling and made in England.
  • 1 Secret Electronic Device
  • 3 Gimmicked differently colored business cards – DETECTOR CARDS. – Always to be kept in wallet.
  • 9 Matching normal business cards
  • 3 Colored sticky labels representing the colored business card
  • 3 White sticky labels.

You will need to add your own monetary notes.


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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $350.00 (2019) ***

Notice: I am not a dealer and this item is not for sale on this site. It maybe available in the links below or at our sister site: qualitymagicsales.com, but not from here so please do not ask.
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1 review for Millennium Wallet by Bob Swadling

  1. Andy Martin

    More Incredible and Unique Magic From Bob Swadling

    Why is it that you can go for months or years without finding some cool magic, and suddenly it is all over the place! Here is another real miracle from the great British dealer Bob Swadling.

    This is actually my current favorite wallet effect … hello still more wallets! It is different, beautifully made and a real fooler. You show your wallet with three colored business cards and some cash and envelopes in. With your back turned you ask 3 different people to each remove a card and place it in the opaque envelopes (or their pockets). There is no way you could know who chose which card. Now you bet each spectator that you know the color they chose – if you get any wrong they keep the cash. Of course you get each one right!

    This is foolproof and works by some sophisticated electronics that you would never suspect.

    Very nice indeed!

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