The Texas Thirteen by Martin’s Magic

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Here is a fun routine using Larry Becker’s amazing Versadex Wallet and Viking’s often overlooked English Card Box.

Effect: A wallet with a prediction is placed on the table in front of the spectator. A small coffin is shown that is filled with Thirteen skulls – yes these are The Texas Thirteen – each man bad to the bone and met with various untimely deaths. A deck of cards featuring famous gunmen and murderers is shuffled freely by a spectator and placed in a small box for safe keeping. A list of the Thirteen is shown and the the Thirteen skulls (which are numbered on the bottom) correspond with these names. A spectator freely chooses any of the skulls and places it on top of the box.

So they have freely chosen one of the Thirteen and one of 52 Murderer Cards. The chosen card is revealed and the name matches that of the name on the lid of the coffin. The prediction that was in the wallet all of this time and it correctly shows which of the Texas Thirteen was murdered by the freely chosen Murderer card.

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