Telepa-Three by Jeff Pierce

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Effect: A realistic, three phase demonstration in the use of ESP cards.

This set consists of:

  • 8-page instruction booklet.
  • Five sets of five ESP cards with the standard ESP symbols: the Circle, Star, Square, Cross, and Wavy Lines.
  • Wallet for holding the ESP cards.
  • Notepad with 60 sheets.

“The routine is quite clever and uses a number of proven principles to create a great routine that builds and builds. I believe that a talented performer could turn this sequence into a little masterpiece.”
– Richard Osterlind – Mentalist and Author

“Jeff has taken what is a great card idea and turned it into a fantastic ESP routine. Each phase gets stronger and each phase will prove that you must be in charge of some psychic power. I put this effect up there with Osterlind’s Viewed Prediction and Maven’s Clash of Symbols. This would be a highlight on any TV special. I’d love to keep it to myself, but Jeff deserves the praise for putting his routine out there. Brilliant routine coupled with brilliant thinking… what more could you ask for?”
– Greg Acre – Mentalist, Magician, and Author

“Telepa-Three is the kind of routine that audiences will remember long after the performance. Because it is so easy to do, you will be comfortable performing it and can put all your effort toward building up the effect and interacting with the audience. I highly recommend Telepa-Three to magicians from beginner level all the way up to full-time pros.”
– Scott F. Guinn – Magician and Author

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