The King Has Left Building by Jeff Pierce

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Details: Here’s what you’ll get;

  • Thinking Inside the Box – A card merely thought of by your spectator, appears inside the card box sandwiched between two Jokers. Cash Deposit – A borrowed bill and a bank deposit slip transpose under the spectators nose.
  • Empowerment – Let your spectator think he’s the magician.
  • Visual Rubber Band Un-Link – A new method of un-linking two rubber bands.
  • Rubber Band Split – A single rubber band is split into two.
  • The Shrinking Band – One rubber band shrinks as it is absorbed into another.
  • The King Has Left The Building… With Amnesia – A two card transposition, Elvis style.
  • Remote Viewing – The mental image of a selected card is drawn by the performer.
  • The Card Whisperer – A selected card is cut back into the deck. By simply riffling the deck near his ear, the performer names the position in the deck the selected card lies at.
  • What’s Your Name? – By having a spectator shuffle the deck three times, the performer is able in advance to predict the card the spectator will select.
  • Light My Fire – The price sticker on a Bic lighter is able to be moved by simply shaking the lighter.
  • Twisting Dimensions – A twisting routine with a twist. Huh!
  • An Open Connection – A card is placed face down on the table. The spectator deals cards face up and stops at any time placing one card face down. The two face down cards match.
  • A Guarded Revelation – Under the fairest conditions, the performer is able to reveal a freely selected card.
  • The Rule of Three – A three phase version of the Red Hot Mamma Plot.
  • Two degrees of Separation – Out of This World performed with two spectators at the same time.
  • Four the Hard Way – A pesky Joker is torn into quarters. Four selected cards are folded into quarters and held by the spectators. Each uses a piece of the torn Joker as magic wand, and when they unfold their selected card, a corner is missing from it. The same corner they now hold in their hands.
  • Hugs and Kisses – A couple is each given half the deck and a pen. These are placed under the table. Each is asked if they prefer Hugs or Kisses. They in turn write an X or an O on one of the cards they hold. When the two cards are revealed, they are a matching pair.
  • Paid in full – A classic card effect performed with a stack of bills. You’ll be saying “why did’nt I think of that?”
  • Predict-A-Wave – Nick Trost’s 8-card Brainwave plot used to reveal a prediction.
  • The Worlds Greatest Assistant – The spectator selected a number of random cards from a normal deck. When these are turned over they reveal the name of The Worlds Greatest Assistant. Your spectator.
  • The Substitute – Find out why Sweet & Low is called a sugar substitute.
  • The Split Stack – A cyclical stack that looks totally random.
  • A Lucky Cut and The Match Game – Two ideas revolved around the Split Stack.
  • Soul mates – A double Triumph when two cards are revealed.
  • The Double-Jointed Card – Imagine Card Warp, now take some Acid.
  • Red, Write and Blue – A two-card prediction effect suitable for stage or parlor or close up.
  • A Hard Habit to Break – A transposition of two vices.
  • Tomorrows Technology Today – A novel plot for the bill switch with this small addition.
  • Publisher: Jeff Pierce Magic
  • Pages: 88
  • Location: Orlando, FL, USA
  • Edited by: Paul Cummins
  • Dimensions: 8″x11″
  • Date: 2004
  • Binding: softbound

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