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Super Force Glass by Alex McLittle Magical Creations

Another great mentalism item from Alex McLittle Magical Creations.

Approx. Price: $32.50 (03/2001) ***

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1 review for Super Force Glass by Alex McLittle Magical Creations

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    Andrew Payne

    Super Farce Glass

    I am very sorry I purchased this product. Each product description I read spoke of how versatile and easy to use the Super Force Glass is supposed to be. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, every handling included in the instructions requires you to hide the "powerful secret" at the time of selection by holding the glass around half of its circumference. No given handlings will allow you to offer the glass by holding the stem only (as one retailer is pictured holding it). When offering the glass for billet selection, you are required to either hold the glass at a slight distance from the spectator (so they don’t contact the "powerful secret" when reaching inside), or you actually have to dump some billets from the glass into your hand before you can offer the selection. A more difficult (and very angly) handling is given, which is supposedly better, but let’s just say that not only does the glass still have to be handled around half its circumference, but you will be tenkai palming before and after the force. Not quite "easy as pie" as another retailer stated. The elegance of offering a selection to a spectator from a clear glass is quite appealing. Unfortunately, the Super Force Glass requires suspicious and sometimes even noisy handling which destroys all hope of a natural, elegant performance. The instructions are poorly written. It is also very overpriced for what you receive. I hope this review saves someone some money.

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