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Great Ballot Box Mystery by Louis Gaynor, Thayer Quality Magic

(c. 1916,2012) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Thayer’s Great Ballot Box Mystery c. 1916 was hailed as The Wonder Trick of 1916 and what a beauty it was. This version has been meticulously recreated (each piece takes 15 hours to craft) by Louie Gaynor for Stevens Magic with permission of Alan Zagorsky of Owen Magic Supreme.

Effect: Sweet and simple. Three different colored balls are shown. A spectator is asked to place one of them into the small ballot box which the performer holds behind his back. Then the spectator is asked to concentrate on the color of their choice (after concealing the other two balls). Both the box and balls may be examined, yet the performer is always able to call the color of any ball placed into the Ballot Box.

You will NOT be disappointed with this ingenious method and the quality made for us by Louie. This can be performed blindfolded. It is also self-working and instantly repeatable.

History: The Ballot Box obtains its name from the ancient form of voting in lodges. If a new member was to be voted upon, each voting member had the right to put in a colored ball OR if the new member was not desirable to him, he would put in a black ball! Yes, this is where the saying; “He was black balled” came to be.


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