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Oriental Block Penetration by Michael Baker

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Block Go, the effect where a solid square block drops through two square tubes separated by a glass or plastic plate was invented by prolific British inventor and magician J.F. Orrin c. 1925. It has been recreated by large and small manufacturers ever since.

Michael Baker likes this effect as he created it in a beautiful mini size too. Both sets look beautiful and work perfectly.

Two square tubes are shown, along with a cube and a flat panel. The cube is shown to be able to pass through the tubes. Round holes in the front of the tubes, allow the viewer to see the cube as it passes through the tubes. The tubes are stacked with the panel separating the two. The cube is dropped into the top tube, where it is seen through the holes to pass all the way to the bottom, apparently through the panel that separates the two.

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1 review for Oriental Block Penetration by Michael Baker

  1. Andy Martin

    Just Beautiful.

    Michael Baker has produced a real beauty with this item. It is not a new idea, but he has really outdone himself with the finish on these tubes. Who says magic craftsmanship is dead? Joe Steven’s seems to find them falling all over themselves!

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