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Raffia Man by Buma

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Effect: Another House of Magic product that thinks “outside of the box!” Never before commercially available! Buma’s Raffia Man – Where the magic happens in the spectator’s hand! A pocket-size figure of a man crafted from Raffia is introduced and handed to a spectator allowing them to place it on an audience member’s hand of their choosing. Laying flat, the Raffia Man is now felt by the spectator as well as seen by all, to be moving on the spectator’s hand. Soon he stands totally upright on his own two feet and stays there until he starts to lean back slowly, settling into his original position. Suddenly he stands up again and this time starts to lean forward. He continues to do so until he’s face down on the spectator’s hand.

The Raffia Man is now placed on another audience members hand by a spectator.  As The Raffia Man shows signs of life – he begins to lean forward and soon is performing a hand stand upon the spectators outstretched hand. That’s right, he doesn’t just stand up, he performs a hand stand. The Raffia man is removed by an audience member.  Remember everything happens in the spectator’s hand!

  • Uses no needles, invisible loops or invisible thread!
  • Everything happens in the spectator’s hand.
  •  May be instantly repeated.
  • Under your complete control at all times.
  • Gaff is completely invisible to audience.
  • Completely original in design and execution.
  • Hand crafted by Buma in limited numbers.
  • Incorporates Buma’ proprietary encased Neodymium Magnet. 

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Approx. Price: $97.50 (2016) ***

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