Ju Ju Man by Buma

(c. 2011)

There is now also a pocket version available which is great for walk around.

Performer introduces two 6″ Ju Ju Men from a natural Jute bag. Both Ju Ju men feature aged red marking’s on various parts of their anatomy, such as their head, arm, groin, hand, knee, ankle, and chest.

A small draw string Shaman bag is now removed from the same Jute bag, it contains two small Skull pins. The performer proceeds to tell how JU JU Men have been traditionally crafted by Shaman from the mud and dried grass of ancient West African burial grounds. Such Ju Ju Men are renowned for their powers of projection, which will now be demonstrated.

The performer now proceeds to hand a JU JU Man and a Skull pin to one of the spectators to hold, the performer takes his JU JU Man and places it back into the Jute bag so as to remove it from immediate view, the performer then takes the second Skull pin and proceeds to place it into the Jute bag and stick it into one of the red X’s on the JU JU Man. There being no way any of the spectators can know which of the JU JU Man’s multiple X’s has been selected and pierced with the Skull pin by the performer.

Now it’s the turn of the spectator to randomly stick their Skull pin into any of the X’s on their JU JU Man (no force is used). The performer now removes his JU JU Man from the Jute bag. To the spectator’s surprise ! the skull pin is seen pierced in the same location as the spectator’s choice on their JU JU Man.

The performer now takes the spectator’s JU JU Man and places it into the JUTE bag, it is then placed on any thing flat like a book, small tray, etc. allowing for it to be held aloft and at arms length with the fingers of all the spectators touching the side of the JU JU Man’s Jute bag. Suddenly with a startle the JU JU Man in the Jute bag begins to eerily move ever so slightly, slowly, the Jute bag with its JU JU Man begins to rise upward until it appears to be erect, fully possessed when just as suddenly it falls back rearward, to lay lifeless once again until it’s JUJU is called upon.

Approx. Price: $150.00 (05/2012) ***

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