Triple Combo Silver Cups and Balls by House of Magic

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Effect:  Classic in design, compact in stature, classy in appearance & materials – unprecedented innovation meets the Cups & Balls. 3 SILVER Cups, 3 BUMA Gimmicks, 3 Different Effects! Each of the 3 individual .925 SILVER cups can perform either as a:

  • FOO CAN,

You choose which cups and which effect and when to perform it! Imagine if you can…being able to display all of the SILVER cups empty and normal before the start of your routine, then bringing in the stealthy features of any of the three hand crafted BUMA gimmicks, allowing you to create a routine like never performed before with the cups and balls. As a finale you may then pour yourself a shot of (vodka, whiskey, gin, etc) from the cup of your choice…

Each of the three cups is handcrafted by BUMA in pure .925 SILVER and measures a full 2″ inches x 2.25″ inches allowing for a full range of motion with all of your favorite cups and ball moves.

Cups may be handled by the audience if one so chooses. Shipped complete and ready for performance.

Includes a custom display box and a deluxe 4-ball combo set hand cast by BUMA.

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2013) ***

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