Confusing Crayons by Tom Yurasits

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Effect: Now the classic “you do as I do” bottle routine is done with large red & yellow crayons! A child (or adult) follows the magician’s every move, yet his crayon is always upside down while the magician’s is right-side up. And get this…the magician can exchange crayons with the spector at any time, and it will work with either color!!

Great routine for children! Beautifully made! A very colorful prop that packs small but plays big!

Don’t forget to get the extra add-ons:

Here’s a great prop for the children show performer. The magician shows two large plastic crayons, one red, one yellow. He also has two cardboard tubes. A spectator is given one crayon and a tube. The spectator attempts to follow the magician’s instructions, but always ends up with his crayon upside-down. The magician and the spectator can even trade crayons and the spectator still cannot duplicate the magician’s actions. This is a classic plot, full of laughs and audience involvement. The props that Tom provides are top-notch and should hold up through many performances. A routine is included, but it fails to solve the basic problem of this type of routine: there is no finish. It will also be up to you to construct a routine that takes the onus of failure off the spectator. Far too often this type of routine simply makes the spectator look stupid, and that’s not a good thing. However, if you can solve these problems, and if the effect appeals to you, I think you get a lot of use from the “Confusing Crayons.”

Pros: The “Confusing Crayons” provides a well-made set of props that should last for many performances.

Cons: The routine included has no finish and does not address the problem of making the spectator look stupid.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, February 2000)
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