Piatt Envelope by Ray Piatt, Meir Yedid

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Effect: This is one of the most devious and ordinary looking props a magician and mentalist can use. The concept of multiple outs is a powerful weapon when used in a mental effect. Books have been written on the subject and hundreds of props have been invented to produce the desired results. The Piatt Envelope is among the best and fairest methods ever invented for this purpose.

The envelopes are standard looking coin and invitation envelopes. The handling of the envelopes is direct. There is no fumbling and no extra handling. Just open the flap and dump out the correct prediction. The envelopes are gaffed and are large enough to hold a playing card. They can also be used for multiple outs or even to switch a card or message. There are an unlimited number of uses possible.

Miracles can seemingly be accomplished with this device. Please use it for entertainment purposes and not to convince people you have supernatural powers — unless you do. Then again, you wouldn’t need this if you did, would you?

Comes with two specially manufactured and hand-assembled envelopes. One looks like a 4.25 x 2.5 inch Kraft coin envelope and the other a 5.25 x 3.5 inch white invitation envelope. Includes photo-illustrated instructions and ideas for many uses.

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