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See-Thru Geneva Prediction Watch by Collectors’ Workshop, Joe Silkie

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This version was created by Joe Silkie without approval from the owners at Collectors’ Workshop. After it was released, George Robinson came to an arrangement with Silke. But it was never the intention to produce this version over the original here.

This watch is a bit more impressive looking than the original and in fact the mechanism is a bit easier to trigger. However, it is hard to decide which one I prefer because although I really like the idea of hearing and seeing the watch working, in this version the magician has to reveal the prediction time, whereas in the original the spectator can do it in their own hands. In the end it is probably personal preference. Either way both watches are beautiful and the method is still unique to these two watches.

Effect: The “See-Thru Geneva Prediction Watch” has an open face, which allows you to see the actual mechanical working of this finely made 17-jewel timepiece. The Heirloom quality pocket watch with it’s finely engraved hunter case is a blend of Old World craftsmanship and state of the art technology, making it one of the finest prediction watches made. With it’s timeless styling and ease of handling it could not be easier to use. Just set the time you want to force and you are ready to perform. It’s 100% dependable. The See-Thru Geneva Prediction Watch is the watch to use when you need to count on the time.

Includes props for Joe Silkie’s “Locked In Time Routine” where you show a package you purchased from an antique dealer that contains three photos, a letter and a pocket watch. The presentation revolves around a train wreck and the conductor of the ill-fated train. Your audience eventually selects the time of the accident that is documented in the enclosed letter. Also includes “Lee’s As Time Goes By” and “Time And Again” routines in addition to the photo-illustrated instructions and the exquisite pocket watch that can also be used as a regular watch.

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Approx. Price: $450.00 (2011) ***

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1 review for See-Thru Geneva Prediction Watch by Collectors’ Workshop, Joe Silkie

  1. Andy Martin

    My Favorite Geneva Prediction Watch

    I’ve had opportunity to use four different versions of this watch – three directly from Collector’s Workshop, and this one from Meir Yedid. The See-Thru version uses a slightly different mechanism and unlike the original cannot be opened by the spectator. For me this is not an issue and in fact I believe the handling is simpler. One plus of the this version is the watch actually works and it looks particularly cool with the workings exposed and the movement freely seen.

    Having it back again is good and It is part of my walk around act now.

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