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Omega by Stephen Tucker

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Effect: (The world’s only examinable B’Wave) – Two sets of blue Bicycle backed aces are shown. You table one set face down and have someone name ANY ace. With the other set behind your back, you manage to reverse their ace (big deal!) However, you now spread the tabled set and their ace has magically reversed there too!

Next, you hand someone your set of aces and, whilst in their hands, the face of their ace VANISHES and the backs of the other three change from blue to RED! (they are now examinable!) Finally, someone picks up the tabled set and, with the cards in their hands, their ace becomes RED backed and the faces of the other cards VANISH! (they are also examinable!). Please click the link at the bottom of this page to read comments from satisfied Omega customers etc.

Now supplied with extra cards for my improved “Omega Plus” routine (inspired by a Jerry Sadowitz idea) and my “Omega E.S.P.” routine (for which you’ll also need five of your own E.S.P. cards). 

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Approx. Price: $30.00 (2007) ***

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1 review for Omega by Stephen Tucker

  1. Andy Martin

    Wow! This is Amazing!

    One of Stephen Tucker’s favorite effects is Omega – and now I know why: it is amazing! I have some of the other effects that are similar to Omega – (B’Wave, Twisted Sisters, Duplicity) and although Omega requires a sleight, it is so well covered and blended into the routine that it is easy to do. The effect is so much cleaner than the others and the cards can all be examined at the end. Reset is a snap too.

    What I really like about Omega is that the effect is the same every time you perform it and they always get the ace they choose, no matter what ace is selected.

    Stephen has a new DVD out on this effect and it is well worth the price – I really love this effect!

    Highly Recommended for Close-up and Table Hopping magicians everywhere!

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