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Bob Ostin – A lifetime of Magical Inventions by Stephen Tucker

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Details: The name Bob Ostin has long been synonymous with creative close-up and card magic, but until now the true depth and breadth of his original effects and methods has remained hidden. No longer! This landmark volume, The Magic of Bob Ostin, will ensure the author his deserved place in history as one of the pre-eminent creators of the 20th Century.

Those who prize commercial, practical magic have long praised Bob’s earlier work, Fingertip Fantasies, as a classic in the field. Yet despite that book’s deserved status, and Bob’s underground reputation as creator par excellence, he has remained something of an unknown to the magic community at large. Well all that is about to change! Even a cursory glance through this volume will be enough to convince the casual reader of Bob’s creative talents; the more diligent student will be amply rewarded by learning tricks and routines which simply seem impossible! Water that turns to beer, origami men that take on a life of their own, cards that just melt through one another Tricks with cards, coins, dice, rubber bands, chop sticks, liquids, matches, paper, plasters, numbers, photographs, torches, fruit, cars…the list is almost endless!

Think of any object you like and chances are Bob has a trick (or two!) with it. Containing virtually all his published output from the past 50 years, this book includes the material from his limited-circulation lecture notes, rare manuscripts, dozens and dozens of magazine contributions, the full instructions for every single one of his marketed effects as well as the many gems that have remained hidden in his notebooks—until now.


10 Foreword (Jerry Sadowitz)
11 A Few Words From Max Maven
12 From Stephen Tucker
13 Introduction (Bob Ostin)
14 Dedication

15 One From The New Phoenix
15 Twisted Twins: cards

16 One From The Conjuror
16 The Ring In The Glass Of Beer

18 Three From New Pentagram
18 Add On: cards
18 Shooting a Bullet Through a Signed Card
19 Liquid Production From Cup

20 Stack To Stack: cards
20 The Hand Of Destiny: cards
21 Squeaker: gag
22 The Vanishing Deck

23 Six From Pabular
24 Vampire: mentalism
25 Focus: mentalism
25 Focus 2: mentalism
26 The “Fan Hide” Move: cards
26 Tickets Please: gag
27 Off The Handle

28 My Double Lift: cards
29 Picking Up The Pieces: coins
29 Challenge Coin Across
30 With Thanks To Jennings: coins
34 The Thumbtip Loading Box

35 Three From Spell-Binder
36 Demonology: cards
38 The Pinky Peeker: mentalism
40 Silent Sleight: cards

42 The Easy Coin Routine: coin
44 The Poor Man’s Fire-Wallet
45 The “Helical” Card Trick
46 Cheers!: cards
47 Jumping Cigar Band
48 Ambitious Cut: cards
48 Uses For The Faulty Follower: cards
48 Pipe Dream: cards
49 Comer-To-Comer Dice Stack
50 A Better Cigarette Pull
50 The “Four-In-One” Routine, Plus One!

51 Ten From The Magician
52 Topsy Turvy
55 On Holiday Thanks to Roy: mentalism
57 The Gone Card Trick
59 Bandinage: cards
61 The Green Die Mystery: cards
62 Die Easy (Phil Goldstein): cards
63 The Green Die Rolls: cards
64 Sign of Five Prediction: mentalism
66 Secret Enclosed
67 Twister

69 Two Routines For The Pecking Bird: cards
70 The Searcher: cards
71 The “Colour Conscious” Force
72 The Table-Hopper’s Check Card
73 Sleightly Haunted: card
73 Thought Transmitter: card
74 On Edge: card
75 Star Trek: mentalism

77 Ten From Abracadabra
78 The Optical” Coin Production
79 The Signature Fiddle
80 The Serendipity Card Change
81 Inner Secret
83 The “No Load” Dice Cup Production
84 Predestination: card
85 Spectator’s Choice Coin Penetration
87 Signature Transposition

89 Ring And Cord
89 The Cridge: cards
90 Improved “Lie Detector”: cards
90 The Multi-Card Gimmick: cards
91 Magical Ca$h Cards
93 The Nautilus Card
94 Coins Through Table And Basket Vanish
95 The Credit Card: coins
96 Card Case Hold-Out: cards

97 Four From Talon
98 Postmaster: mentalism
100 Araby Location: mentalism
102 Tilt To Countdown: cards
103 Paper Prison: coins

105 Pandora’s Boxes

106 Two From Discoverie 
106 One Cup, One Ball
108 Paperclip Force: cards

109 One From Secrets 
109 The Lucifer Load

110 Click: coins
112 The Shredder: cards
113 The Satanic Disc 666: mentalism
116 The Thimble Box

117 Four From The Crimp
118 Nuts Thru The Hole
119 A Bit On The Side: cards
119 Ostin’s Orifice: cards
119 The Frog Princess: cards

122 A Chinese Ghost Story
124 The Envelope Hold-Out
125 The Devil’s Dictionary: mentalism
126 Status Quo: cards
127 Truly Invisible Thread
127 Bob’s Magical Definitions: gags
128 Magic Of The Mind: mentalism

129 Two From Babel
130 “Is There Anyone There?”
131 The Perfect Vanish

132 Hofzinzer’s Key Fob
133 Match-to-Flower
134 The ‘Romantic’ Card Trick
135 Skullocation Routine: cards
135 Sponge Ball to Dice

136 Two From Magic Magazine
136 The Vanishing Hole
137 The Perfect Shell: coins

137 Well Done!: gag
138 The “Thanks To Gus” Rising Cards
139 The “Stand Up” Coin

141 Items Previously Marketed
142 Inebriation
144 Stephen Tucker’s Routine For Bob Ostin’s Inebriation
145 Bamboozled
147 Dicey: mentalism
148 Flash Cigarette Vanisher
149 Loophole: cards
151 The Backward Card Trick
153 Predict-A-Trip: mentalism
154 Pendulum: cards
155 The Peg: cards
157 Transfusion: gag
159 Clear Deception
161 Beam Shot: cards
163 The Flugle Bug
164 Colour Changing Thimble
165 Submarine Cards
169 Card Bug
170 Wishing Paper
171 The Ostin Card-Index
173 Spooky Dice
174 Punchboard Prediction: mentalism
176 Ostin’s MI10: cards
178 Bob’s Wilting Flower: gag
179 Dice Prediction: mentalism

181 In Conclusion
181 Information
182 Seeing Is Believing
183 The Final Word

  • Publisher: Alakazam Magic
  • Pages: 183
  • Location: England
  • Dimensions: 8″x12″
  • Date: 2005
  • Binding: hardbound

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