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Mummy Mystery Deluxe by Magic Wagon

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This is one of the prettiest recent versions of this classic effect from Magic Wagon. Karl Edler created the very first version of this Three Mummies effect c. 1902. Karl created many versions and styles of The Three Mummies, and although it is a mentalism effect itself, it was an early forerunner to the Wandering Mummy effect that was invented in the 1950’s. You can read more about the mummies here.

Effect: The performer introduces a small sarcophagus along with three different colored mummies. He then turns his back and asks a spectator to place a mummy of his choice into the sarcophagus and closes the lid. The other two mummies are hidden from view. The performer then turns around and instantly knows the color of the mummy inside the sarcophagus!

Each sarcophagus is beautifully decorated in gold with genuine Egyptian motif. Even the mummy himself looks realistic and is delicately hand-crafted by master artisans.

The photos do not do justice to how pretty these little props are. This is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed sets ever produced.

The sarcophagus measures approximately 9cms wide x 3cms high x 3.5cms deep.

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Approx. Price: $115.00 (2018) ***

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1 review for Mummy Mystery Deluxe by Magic Wagon

  1. Tom Pearson

    Beautiful Precision Quality

    When it comes to magic, I love everything Egyptian. As soon as I saw the Mummy Mystery on the Magic Wagon website, I knew I had to have these little beauties. At the offering price, I knew this item would not last long. The props are precision crafted of the highest quality, consisting of three different colored mummies and a sarcophagus just large enough for any one of the mummies to fit.

    The effect is simple. The magician asks a spectator to pick one of the three different colored mummies and place it in the sarcophagus out of site of the magician. When the lid is placed on top of the sarcophagus, the sarcophagus is then placed in front of the magician, who then immediately discerns which mummy is inside.

    I highly recommend this beautiful piece of micro magic for the collector or for the magic buff who likes to be able to carry around a unique magic prop and perform on a moment’s notice. Comes with a nice carrying bag.

    Go get this one right away, as you won’t be disappointed.

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