Mummy Mystery by Sam Dalal, Sunil Batra

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Karl Edler created the very first version of this Three Mummies effect c. 1902. Karl created many versions and styles of The Three Mummies, and although it is a mentalism effect itself, it was an early forerunner to the Wandering Mummy effect that was invented in the 1950’s. You can read more about the mummies here.

There are two versions show in the photos, which are almost exactly the same, both by Indian manufacturers: Sam Dalal and Sunil Batra.

Effect: The performer introduces a small sarcophagus along with three different colored mummies. He then turns his back and asks a spectator to place a mummy of his choice into the sarcophagus and closes the lid. The other two mummies are hidden from view. The performer then turns around and reveals the Sam Dalal, SScolor of the mummy inside the sarcophagus!

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